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We believe that the success we have achieved is a result of the daily commitment of our employees. Their passionate activity enables us to meet many challenges. Who are they?

Ambitious, full of dynamism, open to new opportunities and above all to creating a friendly atmosphere, through teamwork and benefiting from the mutual diversity which is one of the organisation’s key values.

If this is important for you too, join our team!

Why it's worth it

What counts for us is a friendly work environment.

You'll receive full support during your entry level period (and after)

We offer attractive salaries

Option to take out life insurance with preferential conditions

Employee meals at great prices

At the office there is access to a medical advice, physiotherapy treatment and the chance to use a cryochamber

We have our own gym at the office Football, fitness and a sauna are all at the employees' disposal

Bonuses depending on the results of your work

Restaurant employees can suit their working hours to their availability

Recruitment process

North Food Polska S.A.

Office work

The recruitment process consists of several stages, you can encounter a qualifying interview and skills tests (language, software use, knowledge and skills in fields directly related to the position on offer). You will receive a reply after each stage regardless of the interview results. You will also be informed how long each stage will take. The first — selecting among application documents — may last up to a month, but is usually shorter.

North Food Polska S.A.

Managing a restaurant

In the case of the restaurants, the recruitment process depends on the position on offer. People are chosen to manage restaurants from internal promotion or by looking for them on the market. This applies to Restaurant Managers and Assistant Managers, and Shift Coordinators.

Recruitment consists of several stages — namely interviews and competence tests, usually ending with a meeting at the headquarters in Kielce. You will receive feedback after each stage.

Work at a restaurant

If you would like to be employed at one of our restaurants you can contact it directly (no CV is required).

The recruitment process consists of an interview where you may be asked about your experience, education, motivation to work, interests, availability and how up-to-date your hygiene certificates are.