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North Fish

Inspired by Norway. Made by North Fish.

There are few greater experts on fish than us, as we devote so much attention to them. Since 2002, we have been unfailingly opening our restaurants each day in Poland’s best shopping centres, and preparing fish and seafood dishes there. This brings us a great joy and a sea of satisfaction.

North Fish refers in its activities to Scandinavia, a place which appreciates quality and perfection just as North Fish does. This is why we pay attention to every detail, because that is where the devil usually lies, the sea devil too.

We have learned which suppliers to order fish from to be sure that it will always maintain the highest quality and come from the purest fisheries. We know that for a meal to be perfect it has to be prepared on site by qualified cooks. That’s how it is with us. And it won’t change. We give you our word!

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The unchallenged leader

North Fish is Poland's largest, and Europe's second largest, chain of restaurants offering fish and seafood.


We've been with you since 2002.

The best locations

Our restaurants are located in the largest shopping centres in Poland.

Freshness and quality

We know about fish - we select the best ones for you from tried and tested suppliers.

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