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New Zealand Burger Story

The JOHN BURG brand consists of restaurants serving excellent quality burgers and steaks from certified Black Angus beef.
JOHN BURG is juicy meat, a delicious bun baked on the premises and marvellous extras. All this plus passion and courage in combining extraordinary ingredients.
JOHN BURG is also a philosophy, a lifestyle and the values we hold dear. This consists of the type and quality of ingredients we use to prepare our BRGRs.
The JOHN BURG philosophy is also an attitude to guests. We don’t like rigid form, we want everyone to feel at ease with us.
JOHN BURG draws its value from New Zealand — a land of pure meadows, beautiful views, freedom and warm-hearted people. New Zealand is also a man’s world, home of Maoris and the All Blacks team of tough guys.
This is what JOHN BURG is!

North Food Polska S.A.


Our JB Classic BRGR was named best classic burger in Kielce!

Black Angus

JOHN BURG is an expert in the field of beef — we only use the best quality Black Angus beef.

Nowa Zelandia

A JOHN BURG is a source of information on New Zealand and Maori culture.

Best rated

Our average rating on Facebook and TripAdvisor is 4.5 stars out of 5!

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