Zbigniew Bąk

With North Food Polska S.A. since 2007. Thinking back about the beginnings of my work I can see how much has changed in our organisation. When I started working in the company, the chain had only 8 North Fish restaurants. Since then, many new restaurants have opened, their interiors have changed, new formats have been developed and still continue to be developed, the company has changed its Head Office, and the team has grown tremendously.

At North Food Polska Head Office I have worked on many different levels: from a Specialist, through a Coordinator, Manager, up to the current position of the Development and Investment Director.

It is the development opportunities, thanks to interesting projects and diverse challenges posed by the fast-growing business, for me was and still is a big advantage of working at NFP.

Considering the tasks, high tempo and dynamics, a certainly significant issue is the pace of making key decisions and consistently good atmosphere.