North Fish launches a new campaign

While everyone is waiting for the thaw, North Fish restaurants have got into the winter atmosphere by starting the new Vinter campaign. There are three new tasty compositions on offer. The first of these is Highland style Norwegian salmon — a steak made from original Norwegian salmon served with smoked cheese and cranberry jam. The next new item is Spicy cod — fillet of black cod in a golden coating, baked with mozzarella, spicy sauce, chilli flakes and piri-piri peppers. Along with the fish dishes, North Fish has expanded its offer to include tomato soup prepared with vegetable stock, natural warming soup with vegetables and croutons. Another piece of good news is that TeGløgg — a warming, non-alcoholic beverage with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and orange, inspired by the traditional wine drink popular all over Scandinavia — is still on the menu.

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