Małgorzata Sikorska

I began my adventure with North Food Polska S.A in 2008 as Procurement and Logistics Manager. My commitment to my everyday work, persistence in aiming for goals and hard work were appreciated by the Management Board and in 2016 I was promoted to Director. I was faced with new challenges, which have led me to constantly develop personally and broaden my knowledge, Although the work is intensive, every day I feel fulfilment from what I do and what I have to deal with.

When I decided to start work at NF, I didn’t expect that it would be one of the most intense periods of my career. The daily challenges I encounter professionally, and the increasingly demanding and constantly expanding market mean that every day is different and there is no chance of the work being monotonous. All these factors bring out my creative side and raise the bar in terms of my performance.

One of the undoubted benefits of our company is the atmosphere at work and the friendly people who create it. Working at NF, I’m lucky to be part of that team, which means that every day I get a huge dose of positive energy to work. I work at a company which invests in the development of its employees, for example by involving them in new projects, and giving them the chance to take part in training and industry conferences, which is something I appreciate.