Colorful Bowls in North Fish!

Colorful Bowls in North Fish!

Posted on: Monday July 6th, 2020

In North Fish restaurants, there are unique summer novelties. North Fish Bowls are multicoloured bowls filled with nutritional values, which were first on the menu.

Bowls are available in four compositions: with Norwegian salmon, tuna, shrimps and Halloumi cheese. Each of the bowls hides a different composition of expressive additives and a characteristic way of serving. Additionally, each Bowl receives a dressing: mustard dill or 1000 islands, and in the hot option: Tom Yum broth or mild soy broth. This creates as many as 16 combinations of North Fish Bowls, which can be eaten on site or taken away with you.

The Norwegian Salmon Bowl hides delicious ingredients such as jasmine rice, red pepper and soya. The presence of crispy carrots, chives, sesame, eggs and a slice of lemon makes a fancy whole.

The tuna bowl is filled with jasmine rice and red pepper. In addition, there are wakame algae, crunchy carrots and sunflower sprouts rich in nutrients. But this is not the end of the tasty additives, the taste and satiety of the meal is complemented by an egg and a slice of fresh lemon.

Shrimp bowl is a proposal for seafood lovers. The bowl contains delicate jasmine rice, red pepper and wakame algae. Carrots, chives, sesame, egg and a slice of lemon give the tone and delicious character to the whole bowl.

Bowl with Halloumi cheese is a vegetarian option – with jasmine rice, red pepper and soy. Black olives, sunflower sprouts, egg and a slice of lemon are a delicious complement.

It’s worth recalling that there are also special promotions for customers, available in the North Fish mobile app.

The new offer is valid in all North Fish restaurants until 06.09.2020.

North Fish is a chain of restaurants specialising in fish, seafood and vegetarian dish. The first was opened in 2002 in the Galeria Echo shopping centre in Kielce. Currently North Fish operates 45 restaurants located in Poland’s best shopping centres, which makes it the country’s unquestioned leader and Europe’s second largest, chain of restaurants offering fish and seafood. Each day nearly 1,000 employees take care to ensure the highest quality of the products served.