North Fish in the fight against food waste

North Fish in the fight against food waste

Posted on: Monday February 24th, 2020

The innovative Too Goo To Go application has officially extended its reach to North Fish restaurants in Trójmiasto and Szczecin.

Unused food has negative, multidimensional effects. Discarded food products are wasted energy, water needed for their production, transport and distribution. The scale of the phenomenon of food loss and waste is enormous, so it should be treated as a global problem. Poland alone wastes 9 million tons of food every year, which gives an average of 247 kg per person!

It is certainly impossible to achieve a situation in which the problem of food waste will be completely overcome. However, it is possible to reduce it significantly and with such help comes the innovative application Too Good To Go and North Fish, who engage their customers in the daily fight against food waste. Among North Fish’s customers, packages – surprises with a delicious, valuable meal – continue to attract huge interest, which confirms the need to extend the cooperation to more cities and more restaurants.

“Trójmiasto is another big agglomeration where we consciously and with full commitment support the fight against food waste. The cooperation of North Fish restaurants within the framework of Too Good To Go is great news for all inhabitants of Tricity, because it gives them an opportunity to fully engage in our common mission.

In the case of Szczecin, however, the fact of the official appearance of the Too Good To Go platform has a special dimension for me, because it is a city where I have the pleasure to live. The Too Good To Go packages in North Fish restaurants can be obtained by the Szczeciners from January, where North Fish was the first to appear on the platform. The scale of popularity of our parcels has prepared good ground and proves the best of the inhabitants of our city. The popularity of Too Good To Go and the accompanying idea of fighting food waste and CO2 emissions shows that Szczecin is not indifferent and supports all forms that have a positive impact on the state of our planet, in which we all live. I am convinced that very soon everyone will follow the example of North Fish and the portfolio available on the Too Good To Go platform in Szczecin will be very numerous,” says Przemysław Pukiewicz, Operational Process Support Manager at North Food Polska S.A

North Fish is a chain of restaurants specialising in fish, seafood and vegetarian dish. The first was opened in 2002 in the Galeria Echo shopping centre in Kielce. Currently North Fish operates 46 restaurants located in Poland’s best shopping centres, which makes it the country’s unquestioned leader and Europe’s second largest, chain of restaurants offering fish and seafood. Each day nearly 1,000 employees take care to ensure the highest quality of the products served.